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The Hiro Game Development Kit (GDK) is a game framework which helps game designers work closely with developers to create economy, retention, and gameplay systems in their games.

It incorporates a huge amount of functionality which are common in all types of games across mobile, desktop, and console; and so is well suited to the needs of every game studio.

Together game design and development can collaborate and iterate rapidly to model the best combination of engagement to achieve massive player happiness.

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Add one-off or repeat achievements to your game. Easily control the cadence of repeatable tasks with configurable schedules and cut off points.

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Easily set up analytics and send events to multiple services: Satori, Firebase, Adjust, and AppsFlyer.

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Allow players to donate currency, collectables, or consumables to other players. Customize the donation rules to meet your social and gameplay requirements.

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Event Leaderboards

Built on top of the Nakama Leaderboards feature, the Hiro GDK adds two high-level leaderboards for timed and scored events. Ready to drop into your game.

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Define multiple in-game currencies, and rewards. Spend soft or hard currency in exchange for energy, inventory, and rewards. Also offer video Ad watches as a way to obtain rewards.

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Piggy Bank

Reward players with an accumulating currency as they complete specific actions such as playing the game, completing levels, joining teams, purchasing coins/items.

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Create energy types like lives or hearts. Use energy accumulators to give rewards, and earnable modifiers to enable infinite energy.

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Integrate with many social and gaming services: Facebook, Apple Sign-in, AppsFlyer, Satori, and more.

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Add collectables and a consumables to your game and give players their own inventory to earn and level up in-game items.

Prototype and build games faster with the Hiro GDK

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Build features

Add virtual store, inventory, energy systems, economy and rewards, and more.


Add consumables and collectables

Build an in-game shop and inventory with collectables and consumables.


Analyze gameplay

Pipe data to your analytics system and see the effect of your features and store on gameplay and revenue.

GameTech that puts you in control

Control your core infrastructure, iterate faster and grow your game with Nakama, Heroic Cloud, Satori and now our Hiro GDK.

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