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Create audiences, run experiments and live events, remote control features, and grow your game’s live services

Collaboratively operate, manage and monitor your game’s live operations

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Event Capture

Send and capture custom, predefined and 3rd party events and properties via lightweight client libraries for major game engines and frameworks.

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Identities and Audiences

Track events against user identities, segment identities into reusable audiences to deliver feature flags, experiments and live events.

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Feature Flags

Remotely configure your game features by setting key/value flags and overrides for different audiences. Convert successful experiments into feature flags.

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Measures changes in goal metrics for one or more audiences. Get actionable recommendations on which changes improved growth and player experience.

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Live Events

Easily build and deploy live events, battle passes, offers, messages, push notifications, and more. Track goal metrics such as Return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Data Lake Exporters

High-performance data export from Satori into your existing Data Lake for ad hoc business analysis. Support for BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift and more.

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Own Your Data

Your application data belongs to you and is stored separately to all other users in our cloud. Easily export backups for your own analysis.

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Dedicated Resources

Your Satori instance is exclusively assigned to you with dedicated hardware resources, with optional multi-cloud and private cloud plans.

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Data Visualization

Make sense of your live operations services from a configurable dashboard. Visualize growth, retention, experiments, live events and generate and export reports.

Know your players and deliver engaging features

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Know Your Players

Understand player identities, segment them into audiences and track metrics


Deliver Your Features

Remotely configure features, run experiments and schedule live events


Grow Your Game

Increase player engagement, maximize ROAS and visualize data

GameTech that puts you in control

Control your core infrastructure, iterate faster and grow your game with Nakama, Heroic Cloud and now Satori.

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